Another NY Times Article

The New York Times ran another positive article about Detroit today in what has become a reoccurring theme in their paper over the last year or two. These positive articles are a major improvement from the pieces focusing on Detroit's crime and blight that many had come to expect from the national media before recent years. Luckily that trend seems to have changed and Detroit is benefiting from some positive spin. Although these media outlets are quick to point out that Detroit still faces many daunting issues, most of the articles of late have focused on the good rather than the bad.

Today's NY Times piece focused on the growing demand for residential units in Downtown and Midtown. The article discussed the renovation of the Broderick Tower and planned renovation of the David Whitney Building along with the addition of housing units in Midtown including the three-story Auburn among other projects. 

News like this doesn't cover up the fact that many parts of Detroit are still shrinking or are already vacant, but it does provide proof that some neighborhoods are starting to make a comeback. Hopefully it is just the start.


New Life for the Globe Trading Building

If you have spent anytime exploring the Dequindre Cut or Milliken State Park along the Detroit Riverfront you couldn't help but notice the derelict Globe Trading Building looming at the corner of Atwater and Orleans Streets. The Globe Trading Building dates back to the late 19th century and was at one point also known as Detroit Dry Dock Engine Works. Back then it was a maintenance center for Great Lakes shipping and a young Henry Ford even apprenticed there as a machinist at one point. 
For years now however the building has stood vacant and fallen into disrepair. New life to the area along Atwater street in recent years however has brought on talk of redeveloping the Globe. With nearby Milliken State Park already there and the continued growth of the Detroit Riverwalk (Engaging the Riverwalk and Uniroyal Site Cleanup) and the creation of the Dequindre Cut which comes to an end right next to the Globe Trading Building, there has been much new potential created for the structure as of late.
That is where the state decided to step in by recently announcing a $12.8-million remake of the building. Construction is expected to start later this year and the Globe should reopen no later than late 2013. When it does reopen, it will serve as a Department of Natural Resources adventure and education center that will include features such as climbing walls, a kayaking simulator and exhibitions on Michigan’s historic lumber industry. When this project is completed it will go a long way towards revitalizing the area.  The Globe, which had become an eyesore and a reminder of Detroit's former industrial strength, will become a key piece of the continued efforts of the city and state to work together to improve Detroit's waterfront and parks. The addition of the new center will surely bring many people down to the area, to explore not just what the center has to offer, but also what the surrounding parks and bike paths have to offer as well.



This past weekend was the DLECTRICITY contemporary light festival in Detroit. If you were like me then you were bummed out to have missed it. Luckily for us I found some video of one of the installations on the internet for us to enjoy. 

The free event was a two night show taking place in Midtown. It featured local to international artists who were able to use the architecture of Midtown as a canvas for their work. There were over 35 projects featured and they used technologies including 3D video mapping, lasers and light sculpture. Check out the amazing video below if you weren't lucky enough to witness it all in person.

The Detroit Public Library. My favorite part is at the 7:00 minute mark. 


MTV's True Life: Detroit Rising

MTV is bringing their "True Life" documentary series to the Motor City. The episode, titled Detroit Rising will feature young individuals in the city who are trying to make a difference. If you are interested in getting involved in the project check out the casting notice posted below.

Do you live in Detroit and want to change something that's happening on your block or in your community?  Are you trying to help out a friend in trouble, or clean up a park, volunteer, or start a business?  Or maybe you're part of a program that is trying to help Detroiters out in some way?  

If you appear to be between the ages of 13-25, live in the Detroit area, and you want to do something positive in your community, then we’d like to hear more about your story.  Please include your name, neighborhood, phone number and a recent photo of yourself. Let us know what you're trying to accomplish and what obstacles you're facing doing it.  

Contact: TLDetroitRising@gmail.com
Or call: 718-422-0704 x115


CNN talks Detroit and Tech

Today CNN featured a five minute story about Detroit's growing technology sector and rebounding Downtown. Titled "Detroit on a Remarkable Comeback", the story was very positive despite noting the dramatic population drop of the last ten years and the city's daunting budget crisis. Companies including Quicken Loans, Twitter, and UpTo.com are highlighted in the story as part of the city's technology revolution. They also spent time discussing the Valley to Detroit effort which seeks to lure IT specialists to the city. The full story can be viewed below.


"We Almost Lost Detroit"

Check out this great music video  titled "We Almost Lost Detroit" by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr..  In an open letter from the band posted with the video, the band wrote, "we wanted this video to be about people DOING things in and around the city of Detroit. People who are on the job. People who have moved past "what happened?" and are spending more time saying "lets MAKE things happen". These are the people who we feel represent the city of Detroit." Furthermore they added, "As Detroiters, we are born and bred with a civic pride that we are continually told is somewhat uncommon. We wanted the city, and the people in the city, to be the video for this simple reason. It is an exciting time to be from Detroit--as we believe it's a city that is in the midst of reinventing itself in a huge way." 

It's a very well done video featuring a lot of the great faces and places helping to reinvigorate Detroit. Check it out and share it with your friends. 


Never Settle For Less

You may have seen the H&R Block commercials that are running right now about local Detroiters.  I was pretty curious what it was all about, and thankfully someone sent me this video posted below. It is an extended version of the commercial and features a pretty nice portrayal the city and some of its residents. 



I am very excited to report I am now involved as a student ambassador for an exciting project called LiveWorkDetroit!

LiveWorkDetroit! is an initiative to connect Michigan’s college graduates to new opportunities in Detroit and promote the city as a post-graduation talent destination. The program is part of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation's "Pure Michigan" Talent Connect initiative. A major focus of the project is to change the state's current "brain drain" into a "brain gain" by both retaining young professionals being educated at colleges in the state and by attracting recent graduates from outside of the state. 

Today many young professionals are interested in urban living but unfortunately overlook the possibility of Detroit in favor of cities like Chicago. LiveWorkDetroit! student ambassadors will be working on their respective campuses to help promote Detroit as a place to both live and work. The LWD program is less than a year old but has already been successful at bringing hundreds of college students into the city on excursions to see what it has to offer. Through the outreach of student ambassadors at campuses throughout Michigan, the LWD cause will be able to reach even more students. 

If you are interested in getting involved with LiveWorkDetroit! check out their website.